Problems in Delivery & Distribution

Last-mile problems cause higher fuel costs due to the amount of time spent driving around making deliveries.

Unoptimized resources might end up with a lower number of deliveries, underutilized vehicles, and delivery persons.

Time spent in planning the best delivery route is even more tasking, which leads to delayed delivery and as a result, customer dissatisfaction.

Higher cost of operations

  • Lower utilization of vehicles
  • Improper allocation of vehicles
  • Unoptimized routing

Low efficiency with high overheads

  • High manual routing complexity
  • Manual delivery allocation

On-time delivery

  • Unpredictable delivery time
  • Delivery time unaligned to customer’s needs

Our Solution

We provide solutions that reduce the cost & overheads in deliveries.

End Customer Delivery Management Solution

Route optimization solution for shops to end customers

Logistics & Distribution Solution

Distributions from the warehouse to warehouses or to stores – Optimization of route, load & vehicles

Customized Solution

By studying the customer’s delivery & distribution network

  Automated Route Planning

On-time delivery as requested by customers

 Delivery and Distribution planning

 Maximized vehicle utilization at the lowest costs


How do we help?

If you’re spending hours building and adjusting plans, it distracts you from valuable time managing and communicating to the team. Master your route plans – fast and easy.

Examine planned to actual results and make the data-driven decisions. In the end, effective scheduling and route planning requires good data and analysis.

More number of deliveries using  a lesser number of vehicles and human resources results in decreased overall cost.

Do more with the same resources. Deliveries are always a bottle neck for the businesses. By increasing number of deliveries, increase your revenues & profits.

Save big when you reduce drive time, idle time, and fuel consumption. Smarter route plans will extend the life of your vehicles, reduced maintenance costs & increased vehicle availability.

We help you plan dynamically to keep up with demands and competition. Put the technology in place to help you increase arrival times, plan on-demand, and gain visibility into performance.

What we provide

Smart delivery solutions for every business

Challenges in B2B and B2C Retail Market

Unoptimized manual routing

Overheads involved in route planning

Lower number of deliveries with under utilized resources

Customer dissatisfaction

Higher revenue share for online presence with risk of loosing business

Business sustenance and safer online presence

      • Create optimum routes and schedule deliveries
      • Easily import orders (or) integrate with any third-party e-commerce platform via APIs
      • Send schedules & delivery plans to drivers
      • Get reports and notifications for deliveries with real-time order tracking
      • Easily track and manage deliveries and vehicles
      • Analytics – identify high performers, get process and route adherence reports

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